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Refer Afghans to Us

Do you know an Afghan Christian living somewhere in the United States? We would love to connect with them to encourage them, give them discipleship resources in their mother tongue, and help them share Jesus with their friends, family, and community.

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Pray with us

A great movement of Afghans to Christ will not happen apart from a great movement of prayer by the Church. Click below to see specific ways you can be praying with us. 

Praying Hands

Donate to Support our Leader

Our church is currently being led by an Afghan Christian with a strong call to share the Gospel with other Afghans. He came to Christ in Afghanistan in 2007 when he had a dream. Jesus told him "Share my Gospel with your people my son." In 2013 he was able to meet another Afghan Christian and started to be discipled. Soon afterwards he started sharing the Gospel in Afghanistan and saw 40 people come to Christ. He experienced serious forms of persecution including being imprisoned and losing his wife. However, God enabled him to stay strong and provided a way for him to come to the United States. Since being here, he has continued making disciples both locally and abroad. He has recently joined the Great Commission Association which enables him to raise support and do ministry full-time as an Afghan church planter and missionary. Send us a message to learn more about how you can help him fulfill his calling.

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Donate Time, Skills, or Resources

Every month we update other various ways you can help our church.


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